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Central Lab. Services


Head of The Center

Prof. Dr. Yasser Mostafa



Mobile: 01223631912


Prof. Dr. Seham Mohamed El-Sabagh

Prof. Dr. Tamer Zaki Sharara

Mobile: 01001088840


The Brochure

 Plastics extruder



EPRI-central labs was established in 2001 to provide the analytical services and the scientific consultants for petroleum and natural gas companies in Egypt and Arab world, according to the international standards, and under the supervision of high qualified staff. In addition, EPRI-central labs is specialized and targeted to serve the different public sectors like cement industries, power stations, flight sector and universities. EPRI-central labs operates to quality system that is seen as compliant with ISO 17025.


The Center Staff

  • 7 professors
  • 8 Ph.D. degrees
  • 7 B.Sc.
  • 7
  • 7 technicians
  • 2 Secretarial

EPRI Central laboratory Consists of Three Main Units


Liquid chromatography and water analysis unit :

  •  The unit can make a complete analysis of water samples to give a complete idea about its constituents, to over come any corrosion or scaling problems and to confirm that the disposal of waste water is accepted according to environmental laws.

  • The unit can also identify PAHs that listed by US-EPA qualitatively and quantitatively by using the high performance liquid chromatography.

  • The unit determines the oil content in water and analyzes the functional group by the FTIR.

Gas chromatography unit:

  •  The unit analyzes the crude oil as well as its distillates to identify their chemical composition in the range from C1 to C12+, and from C1 to C40+.

  • Also, the unit analyzes the gas samples to determine the concentrations of nitrogen carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrocarbons from C1 to C7+. By utilizing Agilent Gas Chromatography, model 6890 +.

  • The standard test method for analysis of natural gas D 1945-03), also can be performed in our unit by utilizing Gas Chromatography, model Varian CP 3800. Such test method may be abbreviated for the analysis of lean natural gases containing negligible amounts of hexanes and higher hydrocarbons. The unit has also gas chromatograph that equipped with ASD for all of sulfur type analysis in natural gas (from ppb to ppm), aThe unit has the capability to analyze mercury vapor , water dew point and sulfur content for natural gas.

The routine analyses unit

The unit determines the calorific value for mazout samples (ASTM D240) and Sulfur content in crude oil and mazout samples (ASTM D42919 Finally, the unit performed most of the oil and distillate routine tests such as:

  •  Total acid (or base) number mg KOH/gm (ASTM D664 ).
  • API gravity @ 60 ºF (ASTM D1298)
  • Ash content, %Wt (ASTM D482)
  • Asphaltene, %Wt (IP 143)
  • BS & W, % Vol. (ASTM D1796)
  • Distillation of petroleum crude oil (ASTM D86)
  • True boiling point distillation of petroleum crude oil (ASTM D2893)
  • Total acid (or base) number mg KOH/gm (ASTM D664 )
  • API gravity @ 60 ºF (ASTM D1298)
  • BS & W, % Vol. (ASTM D1796)
  • Distillation of petroleum crude oil (ASTM D86)
  • True boiling point distillation of petroleum crude oil (ASTM D2893)
  • Distillation (under vacuum) (ASTM D1160)
  • Flash point ºF (cleveland Open Cup) (ASTM D92-66)
  • Flash point ºF (Pensky Marten) (ASTM D93-71)
  • Kinematic viscosity cSt (@70 ºF or 120 ºF) (ASTM D445)
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Paraffin wax content, %Wt. (UOP 46-85)
  • Pour point ºF (ASTM D97)
  • Salt content pound/1000 bbI (ASTM D3230)
  • Water content, %Vol. (ASTM D95)
  • Carbon residue (ASTM D189/524)
  • Copper corrosion (IP 154)
  • And metal analysis (six metals) for scale analysis


Central Analytical Lab is established according to The innovative trends in various analysis techniques to meet the needs of:

  • Petroleum companies
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Universities
  • Research centers in Egypt & ME

Main projects

Joint feature with E-gas to make a survey for mercury level in natural gas production and processing companies. Future plans:- EPRI central lab is applying to get ISO 17025 for lab management system and is intending to buy True boiling point distillation equipment.

Cooperation companies

Most of petroleum companies in Egypt such as Gupco, Bapetco , Khalda, Qarun , Petrobel , Eishpetco, Suco, Merlon , and most of cement production companies in addition to power generation companies such as Intergen and Mitsubishi, and semins.

Outstanding contracts

Contracts with Bapetco, Petrobel and most of cement companies.

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