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The 20 th  International Conference
on Petroleum,
Mineral Resources and Development
 20-22 February 2017

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Welcome  to  Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (Epri) اجتماع مجلس ادارة معهد بحوث البترول برئاسة وزير البترول وبحضور وزير التعليم العالى Renew playground Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute انتظرونا  فبراير 2017  المؤتمر الدولى  العشرون  عن  البترول والثروة المعدنية والتنمية advanced trainig program on micropaleontology OFFICIAL  EPRI Mail Annual Report  2014 ISO :  17025 , 14001 , 18001 , 9001 Services Centers Egyptian Journal Of Petroleum In Elsevier

   Do you have this problem in  your Petroleum Company ? 


  Contact EPRI ,  Chemicals Services and Development Center  (CSDC)


   We are looking for these study  "Black and Volatile Oil"


  Contact EPRI ,  Production Services Center  (PVT)


   I need this analysis.

  Contact EPRI ,  Central Lab


   Does your reservoir need  characterization?


  Contact EPRI ,  Core Analysis Lab


   I need Inspection and Testing  for oil field.


  Contact EPRI ,  TESC Center


   Do you have Metal Surface problem?


  Contact EPRI ,  Surface Protection Center  (SPC)


   Bridge Thermal Expansion Joints are required.


  Contact EPRI ,  Polymer & Asphalt


   How do you remove the sludge  from Oil Tanks ?


  Contact EPRI ,  Tanks Services Center


   Combine facilities, techniques and nanomaterials.


  Contact EPRI ,  EPRI Nanotechnology Center (EPRI NC)





   اسماء الطلبة المقبولين بالتدريب الصيفى بالمعهد لعام 2016



كشف  بـتخـفيضات الكارت الطبى للسادة العاملين بالمعهد




Annual Report  2014





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