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The 18th. International Conference  On  Petroleum Mineral Resources and Development 8-10 February 2015  ISO / IEC 17025 Welcome  to  Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (Epri) Services Centers Projects Training Egyptian Journal Of Petroleum In Elsevier
The 18 th.  International Conference
On Petroleum,
Mineral Resources and Development
8-10 February 2015

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   Do you have this problem in  your Petroleum Company ? 


  Contact EPRI ,  Chemicals Services and Development Center  (CSDC)


   We are looking for these study  "Black and Volatile Oil"


  Contact EPRI ,  Production Services Center  (PVT)


   I need this analysis.

  Contact EPRI ,  Central Lab


   Does your reservoir need  characterization?


  Contact EPRI ,  Core Analysis Lab


   I need Inspection and Testing  for oil field.


  Contact EPRI ,  TESC Center


   Do you have Metal Surface problem?


  Contact EPRI ,  Surface Protection Center  (SPC)


   Bridge Thermal Expansion Joints are required.


  Contact EPRI ,  Polymer & Asphalt


   How do you remove the sludge  from Oil Tanks ?


  Contact EPRI ,  Tanks Services Center


   Combine facilities, techniques and nanomaterials.


  Contact EPRI ,  EPRI Nanotechnology Center (EPRI NC)





   أسماء الطلبة المقبولين بالتدريب الصيفى بالمعهد



 اعـلان  وظـائـف  فى  المعـهـد



 EPRI Applied Technology Workshop Advanced Crude Oil Treatments and Petroleum Technical Support , Monday ,12 May ,2014


  Egyptian Journal Of Petroleum In Elsevier




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